The Hangar (Firefox Stuff)


I'm constantly asked the same question: "Is there an accurate model kit of the Firefox available for purchase anywhere?" The answer to this question is both yes...and no. Yes, there are several different Firefox model kits currently offered by two different companies - Planet X and Studio 2. Both have finely crafted details and get the basic gist of the plane down. But in the end, they're both 60 to 70% accurate, tops. If you want an accurate, commercially available kit of the Firefox, you are currently out of luck. Ebay and overseas specialty dealers are typically your best bet. I've provided some resources throughout this page to help point you in the right direction.

R/C Firefox!

I clearly remember having a rather lengthy email conversation with Larry Wolfe about how "un-airworthy" the Firefox design was, and how he was forced to make so many aerodynamic modifications to the remote controlled filming model that, ultimately, they ended up not using it in the movie. Well, RCPOWERS has proven that isn't the case at all! Their model is nothing short of astounding. Watch for yourself.

Studio 2 Models: 1/48 Scale (16" "long)

Update: This kit is now available in both large 1/24th scale (32" long) as well as 1/48 scale, 16" (430mm) long and has a 12" (320mm) wingspan. Cast in both resin and white metal parts. Includes decals, with undercarriage clear vacuform canopy and interior cockpit details. Overall, the kit is pretty close in dimension and shape to the real deal, but some key details are off. I've inspected build-ups, both stock and modified of this kit, and I'd give it about 75-80% accuracy. However, with some expertly manipulated customization, this can be made to look pretty accurate. There are a few of these kits floating around that you might be able to pick up for under $100US, but look quickly because they're disappearing.
Paul Holmes did a marvelous build-up of this Studio 2 kit, he has some great photos posted here:

UPDATED January, 2010: Dan Dornseif was nice enough to provide me with a fantastic write-up of his Studio 2 kit build (above) along with some great photos. A MUST-SEE for anyone looking to build this kit:
[Download ZIP File]

Try the following resources:
Studio 2 kit from
Ebay search for MiG-31 Firefox Model Kits...

Planet X Models: 1/72 Scale (10" long)

This kit is 1/72 scale, 10" long and consists of 8 resin and 25 white metal parts along with a vac-formed canopy and decals. Joe Cherrie put it best when he summed up this kit with, " appears we have an accurate model of an inaccurate model based on a full-scale model of a fictional airplane! Definitely one for Black Project buffs or film fans I feel?

As far as I know, these are the only two commercially available model kits of the Firefox on the market today. There WAS a one-of-a-kind garage kit produced in Japan by a boutique builder called "Oz Shop" in the early 90's, but they no longer exist. IF you could find this kit, it's the 'holy grail' of Firefox kits. The photo at right is from a "Hobby Japan" magazine of this particular kit, and the only one I know of in existence. I've posted it here because I'd like more details on this particular build, if possible. Please contact me if you have any additional info about this...

Open Invite to All Avid Modelers

I would love nothing more than to have someone offer to build a garage kit of this to produce in limited numbers for sale. I envisioned these as professional quality resin/plastic garage kits, most importantly 100% accurate. I could quickly and easily create the box art for these kits, and would readily do the actual packaging myself. I know for a FACT that there is a demand for an accurate kit out there, so if anyone has some expertise you'd like to contribute, please feel free to contact me.


Carved Wood/Mahogany produces a custom handmade mahogany model of the MiG-31 Firefox (below), which can be ordered through their website.

Martin Campos built an outstanding LEGO model of the MiG-31 Firefox (below), you can see more photos in his Brickshelf Gallery.

Before Martin built his Firefox LEGO model, John Lamarck produced his excellent smaller scale version (below).

PLEASE NOTE: I've included a few resources to check first, however, I am in NO WAY associated with any of these manufacturers or resellers.