Welcome to my website and online resource of information dedicated to the aircraft featured in the 1982 movie, "Firefox" The focus here is predominantly on the aircraft and it's associated special effects itself, not necessarily the film, director or plotline. For that, there are probably better resources on the net.

I'm more interested in what people didn't get to see enough of, a really well thought-out design of a fictional aircraft. The real credit goes to Greg Jein (master model maker & artist) who came up with the initial concepts, and Clint Eastwood and John Dykstra for making it all happen on screen. Craig Thomas authored the original novel which the film was based upon.
There are many different magazine articles and publications available where you can read about the making of the film. The first one that comes to mind is the October 1982 issue of CINEFEX (vol 10) which gives some insight on the design of the aircraft from the standpoint of pilots and aircraft engineers. But, for the most part it wasn't much mentioned. It was always that 'elusive black jet that you don't get to see enough of in the movie...'

This website is the product of a personal interest I have had in this enigma of a plane since I can remember. I realize this seems like a pretty elaborate and time consuming effort for a product of Hollywood special effects that technically never existed, but after doing extensive research into the subject, I found a plethora of people that were as obsessed with this plane as I was! Thus, the wheels were set in motion to meet the demand. The illustration became the catalyst for the website.